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Consider Using a Structural Engineer for Foundation Inspection

Consider Using a Structural Engineer for Foundation Inspection

If you have noticed cracks within your foundation which keep getting worse and/or if the doors or the windows of your house do not properly close, then you may need a construction company that you can hire to repair all your foundation.

Before enduring further damage, you may consider hiring a structural engineer who can make a complete and thorough analysis on your building foundation and can make recommendations on the exact kind of repair you will be needing.

It is hardly a bad opinion to search out advice, especially on certain project with the expense of the concrete foundation repair. In many situations, for a fairly low fee you can hire an independent and trusted professional for structural engineer to do an inspection on your foundation and recommend a method of repair that’s best for your situation. And, remember, every repair issue is different.

Another benefit of hiring a structural engineer is that they will usually be able to tell you steps you can take in the future to prevent your foundation problems from reappearing.

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Consider Using a Structural Engineer for Foundation Inspection

It is also possible that if your foundation is not in such critical state which an engineer will surely and simply recommend lots of preventative measures like keeping your ground around in the home being watered properly year-round. In this case, you could end up saving thousands of dollars by not having to hire a foundation repair company.

The advice should be way less biased simply because the engineer is going to get paid whether you need foundation repair or not. If you do need foundation repair the method he recommends stems from his professional opinion untainted by visions of commission dollars dancing around in his head? Most states in the U.S. are going to have a governmental licensing authority and most will also have a trade association website where you can search for member engineers.

For example, in Texas you can find structural engineers on the database of the Structural Engineers Association of Texas. In your state, look for member associations on the national website of the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations. Check your local Yellow Pages and web directories. Remember the importance of choosing an engineer with no financial ties to a repair contractor.

The downside of having an engineer just to analyze the property you have is that this can be expensive, which ranges from $300 to more than $800 depending on the factors such as the size of your property and how much work the engineer must properly assess all your damages. When you own such a small space which an engineer has crawled through just to complete their inspection, then this can make the cost higher and the time it takes them to make proper assessment.


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