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Site Factors in Foundation Damage Diagnosis

Foundation damage can be extremely dangerous especially if left unnoticed  for long periods of time. It is important to make sure that there are no problems with your foundation that might present a danger to you or anyone near your building. This article will describe some site factors that may indicate a threat of incoming foundation damage or existing damage that you cannot see.


External events

Depending on where you live certain types of events that could be potentially damaging to your foundation may be more common than in other areas. For example on the wet coast you may be very accustom to having an earthquake every now and then. While you may be prepared to protect you belonging within you home, each earthquake is a potential threat to your foundation. On the east coast you have hurricanes. The midwest has tornados. Virtually everywhere has some factor that can affect your foundation and it is important to be aware of them and check your fondation anytime any of those events happen to you.

Area History

Not only should you be aware of what types of threats may come today you should also be aware of what has happened in you area in the past. For example if the area you live in was part of a landslide or mudslide some time ago it may be relevant to the structural integrity of your foundation today. You should research the history of the land your house is constructed on. Read more.

Area Geology

While some things on or near the surface are extremely easy to see and research some larger threats may require a bit more in depth research to gather information on. These threats are hidden well below the surface of the earth. Threats like sinkholes or underwater streams shifting the land under your house are both threats that you may not see coming. However many places offer insurance for these types of disasters and some even offer free geotechnical analysis of your area to inform you of what threats you may face.

Construction Related Damage

If you live in an area under heavy construction. Not only is it extremely loud and a hassle to navigate at times, but it also poses as a threat to your foundation. Depending on how large the construction projects are they could cause a massive change in the earth which may damage your foundation. Many of the necessities in construction pose as a threat depending on how close you are to the construction. The most obvious is if they need to do any demolition of existing building using explosives. The vibrations created from this are similar to a tiny earthquake and can cause some shifts in the neighboring land.


There are great many things out there that can potentially cause harm to your foundation. From natural disasters to mad made explosions, things can and likely will happen near your home that can affect your foundation. While admittedly some things are less likely to cause any significant damage to you foundation than others it is still important to keep track of these threats and monitor our foundations as needed to prevent any disasters. Hopefully this article has made you aware on some things you should look out for. More details in site: http://crosstownengineering.com/engineering-services/

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